Cancer sucks

This is Joe’s wife Rita. Joe has a glioblastoma multiforme aka brain tumor. It is inoperable. Sadly it is on the language side (left) of his brain. He can barely read or write, and though he has most of his speech, he is my walking, talking word puzzle. This all started in September and diagnosis in October. The aphasia started in November. He has more good days, than bad. We are both in good spirits. We don’t know when the end of his life will come, but we are enjoying every day. He finishes radiation March 23rd, and then we hope to travel a bit to see our families while we can, and hopefully a trip to Maui in April or May.

Joe enjoyed writing this blog and sharing what he learned so much. He loved Denver history, and he still does, he just can’t write about it.
It’s amazing to think that in October he portrayed Mayor Speer for a Fairmont Cemetery virtual tour with many of the docents from Historic Denver for Tom Noel. After March 24th (when it is presented to the Denver Posse of Westerners) I will come back with the link so you may watch it on YouTube.
Joe wishes to thank you all for following him, for sharing information with him, and for the friendship many of you offered him/us. Joe’s love for history made for an interesting life for us both. Something we always enjoyed together.

Attached is a photo taken of us in January. As you can see he is doing well. All the best to you all, JOE and Rita

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