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The origins of this blog:

In May, 2007 my youngest child, Alex, graduated from South High School in Denver, Colorado.  The bonds of parental responsibility were loosened.  I sat at my desk, wondering what was going to be the focus in life.  My wife and I spent the previous seven years volunteering at South High.  We had taken turns as PTSA presidents, parental volunteers, and exchange student host parents.  It was time to choose what to do next.  I had options, I have sold antiques at the local flea market, ran a stall at an antique mall, and sold on Ebay.  I wondered if I wanted to gear up my second-hand hobby.  I went to automotive school in 1980 and I am certified master auto technician.  I thought about restoring a car as the next project.  Since my son was entering college my attention turned to unfinished business. On paper, I had 109 credit hours.  Learning that you need 125 credit hours to graduate, I decided I would go back to school to earn a diploma.  What appeared to be an easy task, taking maybe six classes and earning a degree, turned into a passion and a quest.

I had kept all my academic school records.  I was proud of what I had accomplished, just disappointed I didn’t finish and get a diploma.  I contacted CU Denver, the school that I last attended.  Included in my papers were my High School records.  I also had a letter accepting me to the CU Denver History Department in 1979.  I handed all the documentation over to the admission counselor.  He was surprised I had kept all the records.  He said, had I not held on to the paperwork they would have to try and find my records in storage.  He recommend I start with a communications class to get my feet wet.  Thinking back on it, I imagined his job, advising middle age students who were hoping to complete a degree, years since they were in school.  I must have been just another student who didn’t finish their degree, he sent me to square one, to see if I could hang.

Three and a half years later in December 2010 I was awarded a BA in History, with Distinction.  I did this while working 55 hours a week at my automotive day-job.  In 2012 I joined the Denver Westerners.  In 2013, I was accepted into the Docent program at Historic Denver.  In April, 2014 I started doing extra research for the walking tours, and formulated an email that I send out on Sunday nights.  I enjoy the research and writing.  I started this blog to change my plan.  Instead of seeking interested individuals and collecting their emails, adding them to my list, I hope people seek out this blog and enjoy my research.


I owe a lot of people thanks for helping me go from where I was in 2007, to where I am in 2016.  Thanks to Wes for encouraging me to start this blog.

I am updating this, 9/2019.

I am now retired from the automobile business.  This is the fifth summer of doing tours with Historic Denver.  I am the Chuck Wrangler for the Denver Posse of Westerners, which mean I take care of the reservations for our monthly dinners.  Keeping up with the household, which includes hosting language students keeps me busy.



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