Colonnade of Civic Benefactors, #16, Helen Millett Arndt

Helen Millett Arndt

    The sixteenth name on the Colonnade of Civic Benefactors is Helen Millett Arndt.  Historic Denver’s Fiftieth Anniversary is this December.  Helen Millett Arndt was one of its founders.  Helen passed almost thirty-five years ago.  But she is remembered for what she contributed to Historic Denver and the city of Denver. 

     Helen Millett was born in Phoenix, Arizona on February 20th, 1913.  She passed away in Denver, December 23, 1985.  She was married to Dr. Karl Fredrich Arndt (12/9/1908-4/15/2006).  The 1940 Denver Census lists her residence at 3100 East Exposition Avenue.  She later lived at 170 High Street.   

     Helen Millett was the first woman on the Denver Planning Board in 1959.  She lead the Denver Landmark Commission in 1967.  She was one of the founders of Historic Denver in 1970.

     The Landmark Preservation Committee (LPC) is to designate, preserve, enhance and perpetuate structures or districts that have architectural, historical, geographic or cultural significance within the city of Denver.  They recommend to City Council: design reviews, tax credits and policies related to historic preservation.  Historic Denver Partners with the Landmark Preservation Committee (LPC), Denver Public Library (DPL), Historic Colorado, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Park Service (NPS). 

     Outside of Saint John’s Episcopal Church at 1350 Washington is a statue “In Memory of Helen Millett Arnot”.  The statue stands on the east side of the Cathedral. 

   This is the only photo of Helen Millett Arndt on the Internet.  It is DPL photo X-26912.  It lists the ladies as Helen Arndt, Jane Smith and Sen. Barbara Holme.  The person on the right is Barbara Holme.  The two ladies on the left are not properly named, but I suspect Helen Millett is holding the Historic Landmark plaque.   

    Because the DPL is not open during Covid it is difficult to find any other photos.     

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