Civic Center Park, after the George Floyd riots, 6-28-2020 to 6-30-2020

George Floyd died on May 25, 2020 while being arrested by the Minneapolis, Minnesota police.  His death was recorded on a cell phone camera.  His death incited nationwide protests that turned to riots as the sun set in numerous cities, including Denver.

I have written numerous posts on Denver Civic Center in this blog.  This, unfortunately, is part of the story.  I had to record the damage.  I photographed Civic Center on May 31, 2020 at 6:00 AM as city crews were cleaning the mess left by the previous night’s crowds.

I have had a hard time with the homeless population that has lived in Civic Center for the last few years.  It has been the source of numerous bouts of writers block for me.  This has gone past that.  Now, with extensive graffiti and property damage, I have to continue telling the story of Civic Center.  Protesters or rioters defaced our most beloved buildings in the city of Denver.  These are civic institutions we consider the heart of our society.  George Floyd’s death cannot be avenged by rioting, graffiti and property damage.  RIP, George.

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