Pioneer Monument Subscriber #37 Phillip Zang

Pioneer Monument, Subscriber # 37

Phillip Zang

The last individual name on the Pioneer Monument is Phillip Zang (1826-1899).  Zang was born in Bavaria Germany.  He came to the United States in 1853.  He established the Phoenix Brewery in Louisville, Kentucky.  After ten years of running the brewery he decided to come to Colorado.  He moved to Denver in 1869.  He at first ran Rocky Mountain Brewery for John Good.  He then bought out Good and changed the name to Philip Zang Brewery in July of 1880.  In 1888 he sold the brewery to British Investors with the understanding that his son, Adolf would stay on and run the company.

Because so many employee of the Zang brewery were German, Zang was able to connect in with them in mining and financial concerns.  Zang grubstaked German miners.  This eventually lead to Zang’s interest in mining.  In the same way his German connections allowed him to venture into banking and real estate.  In 1889 Zang was one of 33 millionaires in Denver.

Phillip Zang’s son, Adolph Joseph became a able business man.  His interest in mining eventually lead to the a major interest in the successful Vindicator Mine in the Cripple Creek/Victor area.  With the intent to serve Zang beer, Adolph moved into the hotel business and the amusement park business.  Lakeside Park, the White City was able to avoid blue laws by building from the ground up, including organizing the town of Lakeside to avoid nearby liquor laws preventing serving on Sunday.  The hotels Adolph was involved with included the Oxford and the Cosmopolitan.  The German American Bank was an arm of the Zang’s legacy.

The Zangs had a real estate company.  They also left two landmarked houses in Denver.  The Zang house is located at 1532 Emerson.  It is nick-named the Gargoyle House.  The architect was William A. Lang.  Lang also designed the Molly Brown House.  The second residence is the Zang Mansion at 709 Clarkson.  Its architect was Frederick Carl Eberly.  Eberly also designed the Barth Hotel, the Tivoli-Union Brewery and the Airedale Building.

Phillip Zang died in 1899, a dozen years before the Pioneer Monument was erected.  Since the monument was a real estate community effort it makes sense that the family put his name on the plaque.  The family continued to flourish and expand.  Phillip A. Zang Jr., godson of his name sake was around in our life time, passing away in 2006.

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Zang 1

Stain Glass from the Zang Mansion

After selling the Mansion in 2017, Kevin Vollmer, the new owner committed to investing $3 million dollars in renovations.

Zang 2

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