1442-1450 Larimer Street, #22, Noel Building

1442-1450 Larimer Street

The three lots next to the Buerger building were empty when Larimer Square was organized.  Then, the lower level patio of the Bratskeller was built next to the Buerger building.  The original addresses, before 1887, were 354, 356 and 358 Larimer Street.  The remaining ground was called Noel Park when Larimer Square was formed.

In the past, the businesses that occupied the buildings included Colorado Refrigerator & Fixture Company, Denver Steam Dye Works, Western Supply Company who dealt in motorcycles and rooms lent out by Abbie E. Thompson.  One business owner that I was able to track was M. Schwartz.  He had two businesses at this address.  One was a wholesale notions and furnishing goods business.  The second was a travel agent office that was in business from the late 1880’s into the 1890’s.  The travel business employed at least six employees in 1887.

Eventually the notions store moved across the street to 1421-4123 Larimer.  The 1905 city directory lists a Schwartz Mercantile company, but it is not known if this is one in the same.  Jumping ahead to 1931, the Capitol Store Fixture Company repair shop showed 1442 Larimer as their address.  Rooms were now rented out by Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson at 1446 Larimer.  Numerous times through out the years parts of the buildings were listed as vacant.  Eventually the buildings were razed.

New buildings were built on the space listed as lots 3, 4 and 5.  One building covered the outside patio of the Bratskeller.  The Champion Brewery occupied 1442 Larimer from 1991 until 2000.  It was one of the restaurants in the same group with Cadillac Ranch, Josephina’s, and Mexicali.  All four of these venues are now closed.  The lower space was then used as an after hours club named Rezodanc.  This morphed into a club named Enigma Afterhours.  The downstairs space was then used by Jennifer Jasinski as a test kitchen before she opened Rioja.  It is now home to the wine bar and restaurant, Crú.  Crú is part of Restaurant Works Inc., a restaurant group started in Texas in 2001.

The building at 1450 was built in 2003 to house The Capital Grille.  The Noel Building, named for Tom Noel the historian, and Noe Congdon, replaced the Noel Park that was on this space.  Capital Grille is owned by Darden Restaurants, headquartered in Florida.  Both these restaurants add to the ambiance of Larimer Square.

Noel 1

Tom Noel enjoys his namesake on Larimer Street, Denver.

Noel 2

Noel Building, home of Capitol Grille, before the outside patio was installed.  (Lots 3 & 4)

Noel 3

The Champion Building before Crú moved in.  (Lot 5)

Noel 4

Cool Morning at Larimer Square.

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